Summary of Grants

Please contact the Publishing Grants Department for full details of schemes in support of English-language publishing.

Individual Literary Books Grants

Grants to support the production of literary or cultural books of Welsh interest or by writers living in Wales, for adults or children.

Revenue Grants

Grants towards overheads and the literary publishing programmes of publishers based in Wales. Established publishers of Welsh literature in English who wish to enquire about the possibility of revenue funding should contact the Publishing Grants Department.

Advances/ Fees to Authors and Illustrators

Grants to enable publishers to offer advances on royalties or pay fees to writers or illustrators to create good quality work of broad appeal.

Marketing Grants

Grants towards the promotion of individual titles or groups of titles that are expected to achieve high sales.

Supported Posts

Contributions towards the employment of in-house editors and marketing staff. Funds have been fully allocated for the period ending March 2017 (subject to satisfactory performance). The Publishing Grants Department will advertise procedures for future applications in due course.

Cultural Periodicals

The BCW commissioned an independent review of provision for magazines which was completed in 2013 (see As a result, a new scheme was advertised for the funding period April 2015 – March 2019, with Stage 1 applications due on August 15 2014 and full applications due on 1 October 2014. The scheme provides funding for both new and established magazines featuring excellent writing and incisive journalism on a broad range of topics including politics and current affairs, culture and the arts.

Small Literary Magazines/Presses

Grants to support small-scale, publishing initiatives and to encourage new creative talent from Wales. Applications may be made once a year, in May. See deadlines for current details.

Small Marketing Activities Grants

Small grants towards the promotion of individual literary titles or groups of titles. This scheme is aimed to fund small launches and marketing activities.

Training Courses

A small pot of funding is used to organise training courses for publishers within the Welsh Books Council. Recent training has included courses on editing, marketing and business management. For further details contact the Publishing Grants Department.


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