Tir Na n-Og 2018

Announcing the 2018 Tir na n-Og Awards Shortlist

English-language shortlist:


Santa’s Greatest Gift Tudur Dylan Jones (Gomer)

A Christmas story written in rhyming verse with beautiful colour illustrations. Santa sets out to deliver Christmas presents and everything is going as expected until he discovers that he has made a mistake, and poor Gwydion's name is not on the list.

King of the Sy

King of the Sky Nicola Davies (Walker)

A beautiful, moving story about a young boy starting a new life in a new country who feels alone and unsure about his new surroundings until he forms a friendship with an old man, Mr Evans, who keeps racing pigeons.

St Davids day

St. David’s Day is Cancelled! Wendy White (Gomer)

An engaging and enjoyable story about how a school's newspaper editorial team save their school's St David's Day celebrations with the help of teachers and fellow pupils.


Gaslight Eloise Williams (Firefly)

A historical mystery story set in Victorian Cardiff which follows the adventures of Nansi, a determined heroine, as she attempts to find her missing mother.

Jewelled Jaguar

The Jewelled Jaguar – Sharon Tregenza (Firefly)

An exciting mystery story with a dramatic opening when a hole in the ground swallows Griffin's home and leaves his mum in a coma.

Far Away

The Nearest Far Away Place Hayley Long (Hot Key)

A young adult novel about two boys, Dylan and Griff, and their attempts to overcome a tragic accident that changes their lives forever.

Welsh-language shortlist:

Yr Ynys

Cyfres Yma: Yr Ynys – Lleucu Roberts, Y Lolfa

Merch y Mel

Merch y Mêl – Caryl Lewis, Y Lolfa


Gethin Nyth Brân – Gareth Evans, Carreg Gwalch

Lleuad yn Goch

Mae’r Lleuad yn Goch – Myrddin ap Dafydd, Carreg Gwalch


Cyfres Y Melanai: Efa – Bethan Gwanas, Y Lolfa

Carped Hud

Dosbarth Miss Prydderch a’r Carped Hud – Mererid Hopwood, Gomer


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