Much of the Books Council’s work is devoted to providing the publishing trade with basic services. The core functions can be summarised as follows:

  • To stimulate interest in books in Welsh and Welsh books in English, together with other related material, by providing information and by a full programme of activity.

  • To promote the publishing industry in Wales and to coordinate the interests of authors, publishers, booksellers and libraries.

  • To assist and support authors by providing services and by awarding grants/commissions which are channelled through publishers.
  • To distribute grants to help publish quality material in both Welsh and English and to ensure that the output is widely available.

The main objectives relate to the core functions and involve the following:

  • Providing information about books and other relevant material by publishing lists, leaflets, catalogues and magazines, and doing this in the most appropriate ways, either on paper or electronically.

  • Organising schemes and activities to promote interest in books and reading and to support the efforts of publishers in the promotion of individual titles.

  • Promoting interest in children’s books by organising exhibitions and by means of a full programme of activity.

  • Providing a prompt editorial and design service of a high standard for the publishers of Wales.

  • Providing a wholesale distribution service for books and other relevant material on behalf of the book trade in Wales.

  • Organising services for libraries.

  • Providing services and grants to authors.

  • Distributing the Publishing Grants, in order to promote the publication of books and magazines for children and adults, together with other relevant material.

  • Ensuring effective and efficient administrative and financial management.


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